Hmmmn…I no many people have there answers and view when it come to this question “Are we sons or slaves of God?”
There are personal view and also religious view on this question.Many religion believe we(humans) are slaves of God while few believe we are sons(children) of God.Through this post I will be telling you about my view.
The truth is we were once servant(as the scripture put it) of God.The word servant can also be use in place of slave or a worker(this is because acient masters sometimes refer to their slaves as servants).
Now,are we servants of God?

The answer is YES.
We are servants of God who are meant to listen to God instructions and obey him.(Roman ch6:vs17-18)
Though we were once Sons who became servant and then became Sons again.
I think I should start from Genesis the beginning when the world was created.Everything was put in place and I will like to remind you that man was created on the last day and was the last to be created among God’s creation while despite that we were giving dominion over things that even existed before us.I mean things like mosquito(yes they actually existed before you because God created them before you).Now this display of action and love God had for man can only happen from a father to a son.So at that time Man can be qualified has God’s Son(Roman 9:8).But man fell and was thrown out of the garden which made him become a servant of God and a slave to the devil(disqualification from being a son).Galatians 4:8
Man began to suffer like a slave does until God felt pity for man.Now what I want you to know is that From God to man,
we are not slaves but From man to God through our actions,qualified us to be called slaves of God.Because even when man fell,God still had that fatherly love for man despite the fact that he was disobedient and rebellious.
This Fatherly love made God to send is only begotten(this does not mean Jesus is the only qualified to be called God’s son) Son that whosoever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.This is the only way we can regain our sonship. Galatian 4:7,Galatian 3:26.So,the only way we can become sons of God again is by following the instruction in John 3:16.

Now another question is are we suppose to see our selves as Sons of God even when we are believer..?
Here I will say NO and YES.
But wait don’t attack me for giving two answers yet,let me get it clear to you.
I remembered when I was younger(am still young sha).Sometime my dad will ask me to do something and I will decide not to do it,simply because I don’t want to do it.This happen because I see him as my father and I believe he cannot kill me,the highest he can do is to flog me two strokes of cain because he will even be afraid not to get me injured.Ordinarily a slave or servant cannot do this.A slave will always do what is master say or send him to do even if it is the middle of the night because he has no choice.
So,we should always see our self as slaves or better as servants of God who cannot do any neither than wait and listen to instructions from the master and that way he will see us as his sons.(Luke 17:10)