Where will you be twenty years from now…???
I remember some years back when I was still preparing for WAEC in secondary and one of our school ex-student,who happens to be my personal padi(friend) name Agbede Samuel came around to tutor us ahead of upcoming secondary school leaving certificate exam,then he asked us all to tell him where we want to be in the next twenty(20) years.So many of us said different thing about where we want to see our self in the next 20 years.

Some week back in FUTminna during our mid-week service in RCF(Redeem Christian Fellowship),the speaker ask another similar question saying “Where do you see yourself in the next 20 years”.Immediately I remembered this is almost the same question Samuel Agbede ask us in SS3.
Again,on Monday 16th of January 2017 our Applied Mechanism lecturer said to us “In the next five year you will no more be in FUTminna,where do you want to be after you graduate from here?”
Hmmmn…This made me to sit down and begin to think of how my future will look like.So I closed my eyes and begin to imagine where I will be in the next 20year.
Now let me tell you what I saw.
I saw myself in twenty year time wake up from my sleep,beside was a beautiful Nupe lady(Yes, I will marry a Nupe),who happens to be my wife.I checked if she was awake and discovered she was still sleeping not because she is lazy(trust me I won’t marry a lazy girl na),but because it is still 5:00am and I am a busy man.So I stood up and off my alarm then went into my bathroom.On getting to the bathroom door,it automatically open by it self,then on entering my bathroom I heard a machine voice which said “You are welcome Sir,which temperature degree did you want your bathing water to be?”. I answered “Please give me 25 degree centigrade”.Then I took my bath and on coming out of the bathroom a cool breeze blew on me that dried the waters on my body.
I now made a call to a lady who in two minutes later came knocking on my door to deliver my outfit for the day.I dressed up and my wife(she was too beautiful that I can’t explain how beautiful she was) woke up and smile at me then I gave her a good morning kiss(yes I did).
Shortly one of my maid came to tell us that food was ready and we both went to meet the kids(there were 4 of them) in the dining hall where we had the morning prayers and we took breakfast together discussing on how our next vacation to United Kingdom(London) will be.Then I kissed each of them good bye and went outside where John(my body guard) took my briefcase and we went to entered my vehicle which automatically open on detecting my face.We both entered the car and the auto drive robot ask me saying “Good morning sir,where are you going?”.Then I said “Office” and we zoom off.

That was what I saw in the next 20 years of my life….

I jump to my facebook page and asked few of my friend about what they see of themself in the next 20 years and this was there response.

@Dr_Victor_Gana. Twenty years from now,

Thank you sir.
Your question set in motion a serious soul_searching.

@Judah_Shaaba: Shaaba Judah
going out in ma car with my wife n two kids.

I’ll be where God says I’ll be.