The same way some people make it to college while others make it to jail,is the same way some people will make it to heaven while others will make it to hell.
I see that nobody want to lose and nobody is ready to pay the sacrifice.Nobody want to die and nobody is ready to pay the price.But you have to die before you can rise again,because I believe that was what Jesus meant when he said you have to get born again.
Look,Heaven or He’ll, you choose.Freedom or Jail you loose.You can’t wear the garment of Jesus and fit in devils shoes.
After you die,your flesh will be gone.
Then it will remain your skeleton and bones.
Heaven or hell will then become your home.
Then you become a slave in hell or a king in heaven sitting on the throne.
I wonder why people value freedom and gold,yet are so bold to give their souls to something that promise death as wage,at the expenses of getting their name remove from the book of life’s page.
I wonder why people tirelessly strive to build mansions on oceans,just for their worldly intentions,yet forget to secure an apartment on a holy place which is prone to distortion.
Why will man choose bitter pain and torture over sweet gain,strolling on gold texture.
Remember your creator while you have breadth which also mean,seek salvation now,right here on earth.
To get people to heaven we have to rise up and fight.Taking our weapon(which is the bible) because our fight is not against flesh and blood but against principality,power,rulers of darkness of this world,spiritual wickedness in high places that we wrestle.
We can’t afford to loose this battle,because not even the devil has the power to our heavenly mantle.

Heaven or Hell you choose
Freedom or jail you loose.

The choice is yours