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And so our life is likened to the yard and God the tailor……
…..We’re so desperate to get our lives fixed,
To climb depths in Him.
We boast and say that we are sold out,
With great passion and vigor
We’re singing psalms like “take me over”
Like “I give myself away”
Like “I surrender all”
Yet, understanding the consequence of that decision.
….So our life can be likened to the yard and God the tailor.
We bring our lives to Him
And entrusting Him to be our Saviour.
He doesn’t force us
It’s purely out of submission.
We make the sinner’s prayer in front of altars
And we take long fast screaming ‘Lord just use me’
…And so we bring our lives to this tailor
And when He finally decides to start work
Then there’s chaos.
We think we know the style that best fits
And so we’re comparing and pointing Him to the lives of people
Who are not us
Who are not from the same clan
Who are not heading the same direction.
Yet we insist that our own yard be converted,
Should be tailored
Should be seasoned
Should be baked
Should be nailed
And be carved,
Just as our contemporaries.
….But then, the tailor knows best
He is saying just trust me
Just give me time
Just give me space
And see what I’ll make your life become.
When we get these types of response
We scream “you are not fair”
We scream “is it not my life?”
We begin to doubt the very one
We gave the contract of our lives
..But still He keeps on working.
He picks the scissors of event
And critically cuts the yard
Just so perfect that it will fit.
…And we look at our lives and we’re like
‘”What is this?”
We’re like “I said fix my life,
Not tear it to pieces”
But still, He goes on
Because He knows best
Because beyond the now
His eyes are fixed on the end
He picks that same pieces
And begins to stitch
And there’s so much noise
And there’s so much pain
And there’s so much discomfort
And you’re forced to complain again
And sometimes when He knows
That you’re lack of understanding can hamper the job
He uses blindfold.
And at that point
You have no idea the direction of your life.
You’re placed in the position to just trust Him
Just trust Him
He knows you’re life better than you think
He works overtime
He has been doing this job in many lives
And He has never failed
Not in the past
And you’re life won’t be the first
…So He continues to take your life through the process
After stitching, it begins to make sense
And lastly, He brings it under heat
That moment when you begin to feel like the process is over
You meet heat
That heat is not designed to destroy all what He has done
But to perfect it
Just trust Him
….And at the end of it all
He brings the yard of your life
Now turned to an eye catching apparel
And the people who mocked you before
Are the ones who rolled eyes.
Family members who snapped fingers
See your life and are dumbfounded,
But something we fail to forget is that
This is not a one day journey
It is a journey and it takes times
It takes processes
It takes dealings
And it takes many “why always me”
…But at the sure end
It turns out better than we expected
So let Him work..