Soko Wun Sun O …

That End Of The Year Party Experience.img-20170111-wa0005

It is past 1am and i am yet to close my eyes to sleep,I am just awake not for any reason. img-20170111-wa0010 img-20170111-wa0026

But wait,let me tell you about something i should have share with you .

I was in school yesterday and after a stressful Strength of material practicals,I decided to make use of my money(I mean the school fees Baba Emma work hard to pay for) by using the school wifi.On connecting,I was flooded with excessive messages(you know that yeye blackberry notification sound nah).

I was curious and wanted to know where those messages were coming from and who could have send me such messages,and was surprise to see “soko wun sun o”.Then i remembered the wonderful times i had in ilorin with my parents,uncles,aunties and old friends on the 31st of December.

I cant believe a whatsapp group was opened and someone just shared the wonderful pictures we took together at Savannah Hotel.I was so happy to see those pictures because soko wun sun o end of the year party turned out to be something i never expected.What a get-together and a good atmosphere to make new friends and know your family friends.  The event was one i will never forget.

Wait,did I just say I will never forget?


God bless the initiators,and looking forward to more soko wun sun o end of the year PARRY.

Let me just share you some of the pictures.